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25 March 2014 - 07:09 PM

Just stormed the court.

After winning an NIT game.

Against BELMONT.

Is there a more pathetic, desperate fanbase in the NCAA?

Official 2014 Atlanta Braves Season Thread

13 February 2014 - 04:58 PM

There is something about watching that morning dawn break over the horizon on that first day of baseball season that sends a chill up your spine. It's something both hauntingly beautiful and powerfully reminiscing. Children spill out onto that perfectly adorned diamond – a striking blend of lush emerald grass, white-chalked lines and a soft brown playing surface, just primed for action. Their little legs carry them as fast as they can go, leaving nothing but that familiar infield dirt kicking up in their wake. Meanwhile, grown men dust off their hobbled knees with a feeling of vigor and youth, scoffing at the notion that they’re enjoying a ‘kid’s game’. They rationalize, instead, that it’s impossible to put a restriction on experiencing the nostalgia of hearing the sharp thwack of an aged pine bat lacing a ball into the outfield. They argue that they, too, should have that chance to take themselves back to yesteryear with a spirited game of ‘catch’ that leaves the palm of their hand with an unforgettable sting.

Baseball truly is the Great American Pastime. Anyone who has experienced it still pauses, even for just a brief moment, whenever they catch a glimpse of a ball field, and they remember. Be it on television, or sitting inside a state-of-the-art stadium with 40,000 other spectators, or a cozy park on a street corner, or the simple makeshift diamond found on any American backyard that we’ve all played at many times before. There’s nothing quite like the return of this game every spring that evokes more warmth and youthful satisfaction, whether you’re eight or forty-eight.


The time has come for your reigning National League Eastern Division Champions. Today, in sunny Orlando, Florida, the Atlanta Braves saw their pitchers and catchers report for action, along with many other position players. Sure, it’s 45 days until Opening Day, but in our undying eagerness for something to look forward to, we can officially deem this season – and SECtalk’s Official 2014 Atlanta Braves Season Thread – underway.

Last year was one that brought lots of excitement and storylines. It was a journey that saw the Braves start out in other-worldly “hot” fashion, winning 12 of the team’s first 13 games as newcomer Justin Upton regularly disposed of pitches over the left-field fence. The Legend of The White Bear took the country by storm. The dazzling poise of the young Atlanta arms – Medlen, Minor and Julio – was the foundation for success. Freddie Freeman played his way to a mammoth contract by finishing in the top five of the NL MVP race.

But there was the bad, as well. Tim Hudson and Jason Heyward’s devastating injuries, and the ultimate heartbreak in the bottom of the 8th in Game 4 of the NLDS against the mighty Dodgers. Longtime Braves ambassadors Tim Hudson and Brian McCann no longer will be found in the locker room, leaving many concerned about the future.

But as we have seen time and time again, it is a season anew. There are fresh hopes and expectations. Most of the pieces from Atlanta’s 96-win, division crown team from last year still remain. Yes, it’s a younger team. But there are cornerstones.

The pitching staff is composed of a familiar threesome: Medlen, Minor, Julio. Others waiting in the wings, hoping to prove themselves, like Brandon Beachy and Alex Wood.

The bullpen is the best in the game today, period. There is no pitcher more dominant in baseball right now than Huntsville, Alabama native Craig Kimbrel. In front of him, Walden, Carpenter and Avilan figure to make the late innings brutal for opposing lineups.

The lineup itself is very much the same as what we saw last year, with the exception of El Oso Blanco prepared to take the reins full-time for the departed McCann. Lots of questions, such as…can Chris Johnson repeat his near-batting title performance? Can BJ Upton and Dan Uggla rise from the depths of despair and become legitimate weapons for the offense? And just how good is Freddie Freeman going to get, after last year’s promise at only age 24?

Lots of questions to be answered, lots of days until that first 'real' game.

But now, the discussion begins.

It’s baseball season.

Olympic curling

11 February 2014 - 05:49 PM

My wife is obsessed with watching this, for some reason, so I've been having to pay attention to it the last few days.

The US apparently is pretty bad in this sport. The men's team conceded defeat after the 8th end (think the mercy rule in baseball after 6) against China and is now 0-2.

The women might be worse. They just conceded a match against Great Britain in which they were trailing 12-3 after the sixth end. They set OLYMPIC HISTORY by allowing 7 points in the third end alone. 7 Posted Imageing points in one end in curling is akin to a 15-run inning in baseball. These things just do not happen.

Where do we go to get some good curlers? Our women need some heppin.