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In Topic: going out on a limb..prediction thread ......long limb!

Yesterday, 03:25 PM

A&M loses 6 games.

In Topic: Official 2014 Atlanta Braves Season Thread

Yesterday, 01:36 PM

Braves have allowed 53 runs all year. Best (fewest) in MLB.

Next best is Oakland. They've allowed

Our pitching has been dominating. Harang with 9.38 K/9 IP and a microscopic 0.85 ERA.

In Topic: Official 2014 Atlanta Braves Season Thread

Yesterday, 01:22 PM

View PostTider27, on 23 April 2014 - 01:03 PM, said:

You were saying? :trollface:

I'm saying this just in time for a 2-run Gattis double off the bench, but I have concerns on how cold this offense gets at times. But you're right, Fernandez was dealing no matter who was up.

Took bad approaches today, I felt like. Also didn't help Fredi went with a spring training lineup and Freddie is suddenly in a funk.

But at least we got the win.

I think we're still going to be a streaky offense. Maybe not as streaky as last year, due to improved play from BJ Upton and slightly improved play from Uggla...but we're still going to have several games where we have to scrape for runs. Good thing we had one today and still got the 'W'.

In Topic: Official 2014 Atlanta Braves Season Thread

Yesterday, 01:21 PM

Harang deals for 11 Ks over 6 IP. Gattis comes on in a pinch and drills a 2-run double. Bullpen hangs on, Kimbrel looks like his usual self after a brief hiccup the last two outings. Braves win 3-1.

Another series win.

In Topic: Rank the SEC Network promo videos

Yesterday, 08:32 AM

My favorites:

Alabama - No homer. Bear Bryant's gravelly voice and the trademark houndstooth on people of all ages some 30 years after his death just shows how passionate people are about football and the impact it has had.

Ole Miss - I tend to lean more towards the commercials that capture the wide range of fans for each program, and the tribute to The Grove does just that.

Miss. State - This is actually very cool. MSU has always been more of an intimate type of athletic program, and the baseball tailgate was an interesting but extremely effective way to go. Shows the true atmosphere with some more fanhood mixed in.

Georgia - For Herschel. Respect.

Least Favorite:

Vanderbilt - I don't mind so much basketball, but...the whole video was based on their weird freaking court design. You say unique, I say annoying.

South Carolina - I love the Carolina fans on this board so plz don't hate me. But it was just sort of....bland...I was hoping for something with the 2001 Space Odyssey, the smoke entrance, etc...this is just...'here..we put a white towel on every seat...and we wave them...'...meh.

Texas A&M - ....just odd. Auburn's was kind of 'odd' too but the campus draped in toilet paper like a Winter morning was kind of interesting. I think A&M missed the boat with this one.

But the worst of all?

Tennessee - ARE YOU KIDDING ME, UT? The Vol Navy...the Running Through The T...Checkerboard could have done SO MUCH with this type of commercial, and you slap a soccer mom onto the screen singing "Rockytop" as a lullaby?!