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In Topic: what happened to country music?

Yesterday, 08:53 PM

Sturgill Simpson.  He brings the enchanting blues back to country music.  His album Metamodern Sounds in Country Music has garnered attention from Rolling Stone, NPR, and others.  Turtles All the way down and It ain't all Flowers are my favorite tracks, but his other origionals are great as well as his covers.  Check him out.

In this one he reminds me more of Randy Travis.

In Topic: Another Aggie Gone

Yesterday, 08:27 PM

 BlackSheep 171, on 23 July 2014 - 04:45 PM, said:

So Johnny is gone, defense might have to suit up the 12th man to at defense. What does Aggy finish at 7-5, 8-4? Better, worse?

Aggie was like 2nd in the west last year.  If you pick them to drop because they lost NFL talent to the NFL and to the police blotter then you are just a hater.

In Topic: U.S. to cut ties with Alabama

Yesterday, 08:20 PM

There are some moving south, but you don't sell your teeth to buy corn.

Govna Bentley also said that the nation should follow Alabama's example.

I could go for a lottery, but If elected governor I would promote agriculture and tourism with the legalization of marijuana.  Roll Tide.  We would all be kings of canabis.  

In Topic: Zach Mettenberger sucker punched by a Bama fan.

Yesterday, 08:03 PM

 Spunk, on 23 July 2014 - 12:02 PM, said:

I think I'd put Chucks there with it honestly. I love it. Mike and Ed's kinda blows. I might just be partial because I can basically spit on chucks from my apartment.

We go there probably twice a month and get the tailgate special with 2lbs chopped pork.  There's supposed to be ANOTHER BBQ place going up in Tiger town.  Some kind of chain.  The Jim & Nicks that just went up on S. College seems to be booming, but was totally unnecessary IMO.

In Topic: Rate the Last Movie You Saw

22 July 2014 - 12:38 PM

View PostTrueGCFan, on 14 July 2014 - 03:40 PM, said:

Gravity: 5/10  Just too fake.  There are at least 10 things that happen in that movie that are 1 and a billion chance of succeeding.

(Due to realism the film ends here.  We actually had a pretty entertaining plot for you but it did not pass tech spec.  :(  Sorry.)

The possibilities are .....  actually pretty limited.  I watched it with surround sound.  It really looked and sounded great on Blueray.  It was pretty much a car chase throughout most of the film.  I liked how the action was propelled along but mostly just loved how it sounded turned up in my living room.  No there is not that much that really can happen - you have to prepare yourself for that going into the movie.