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In Topic: Aggies Pound Abilene Christian for 20 Runs

Today, 10:13 AM

Apparently, the last time the Christians were this outmatched they were fighting Lions in Rome.

In Topic: it's not the kite, it's the air

Today, 09:20 AM

"Are you okay with being the 'Happy' man?" Mason asked.

"I'm grateful."

"You're going to live with the '"Happy" Man' and the hat for a while. You're okay with that?"

"What else do I have any other business being but appreciative?" Pharrell responded. "It's not my doing."

"When you --"

"Does that annoy you that I keep saying that?"

"No, I just --"

"But you get why I say that, though?"

"I get why you say that," Mason said.

"The stars have to align."


"And the stars don't always align for everyone," said Pharrell.

"No, they don't. But they've aligned an awful lot for you. And that doesn't happen unless you have a talent."

"So then you would understand why I'm so thankful."

"I totally get why you're thankful. As an artist at some point you've probably tried to figure out what you do well."

"I think that's when you fail," Pharrell said. "When you start trying to figure out, like, what you're the best at, that's when you become delusional, 'cause you start to believe that. I'd rather just continue to ride that mule than to bet on a cocky horse."

"Are you afraid if you give yourself too much credit, it would all go away?"

"For sure," he said. "You see people spin out of control like that all the time. I mean, those are the most tragic stories, the most gifted people who start to believe it's really all them. It's not all you. It can't be all you. Just like you need air to fly a kite, it's not the kite. It's the air."

In Topic: Word on the street

Today, 08:53 AM

My son finishes grad school this semester so this will be my last visit to Tuscaloosa for awhile, so I'm kinda sentimental today.  

Time to turn the page....

In Topic: Word on the street

Today, 08:42 AM

Alabama will face it's toughest opponent of 2014 this Saturday.

I'll be there in the President's box.... if it's unlocked.

In Topic: Clemson qb

15 April 2014 - 09:17 AM reports that Kelly was escorted by Clemson University police from the football team’s facility earlier Monday.