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PAC 12 Struggles?

13 September 2014 - 07:29 PM

Watching the UCLA/Texas (FOX) game and USC/Boston College (ESPN) and both are pulling a BIG 10 from last week.....

I guess Texas screwed up on the coin toss and elected to kick off after UCLA differed meaning Texas will kick off to UCLA to start both halves :rolleyes:

Adrian Peterson Indicted For Child Abuse/Deactivated

12 September 2014 - 04:36 PM

The NFL keeps taking their hits.


Sports Radio 610 in Houston obtained a draft of the police report which says Peterson admitted that he did, in his words, “whoop” one of his children last May while the boy was visiting him in Houston.
When the 4-year-old boy returned to Minnesota, his mother took him to a doctor. The police report said the boy told the doctor Peterson had hit him with a branch from a tree.
The doctor told investigators that the boy had a number of lacerations on his thighs, along with bruise-like marks on his lower back and buttocks and cuts on his hand.
The police report says the doctor described some of the marks as open wounds and termed it “child abuse.” Another examiner agreed, calling the cuts “extensive.”

Edit: Peterson has been deactivated from Sundays game against the Patriots.

Last October Peterson lost a child to child abuse and many people around here had an opinion about that. Thread: http://www.sectalk.c...-by-mothers-bf/

Ray Rice KO's Wife Video/Cut From Ravens

08 September 2014 - 10:32 AM

Edit: Rice has been released from the Ravens.

Sparty vs. Ducks

06 September 2014 - 04:57 PM

Last I looked Ducks were a 13 point favorite. I don't see it but who knows? I think Sparty can hang. This is a big deal. This is like a beauty pageant for the playoffs. Whoever loses this one, the conference will probly look bad to the guys who make the Final 4 decisions.

I heard it may be 100 degrees on the field for this game. As a guy who lived in the Pacific Northwest I can tell you that these kids aren't used to that in Oregon.

Edit: Oregon is wearing the "highlighter" uniforms. :throwup:

USC vs. Stanford

06 September 2014 - 02:01 PM

Stanford favored by 3 at home. Pretty much a pick em' in that case. Sark's the new coach at USC and he's much better than :lanekiffin: face.