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Member Since 06 Dec 2006
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In Topic: Tunsil Admits to taking money?

Today, 09:58 AM

View PostGoldenRebel, on 02 May 2016 - 09:35 AM, said:

I've said all along that if we ever get hammered it will be becays wif tunsil. Never thought it would play out through hacked sites and such. The NCAA will still have to prove it and tunsil doesn't have to talk to them anymore. I don't believe they can use the draft interview as an admission of guilt. The same thing happened at UNC but the NCAA couldn't use it as evidence because when they interviewed him he denied it and their standards say it has to be told to them in a formal interview to be used for evidence. I think the likelihood of tunsil never speaking on the matter again is very high

Little bit of a difference; they say they can't use hearsay as evidence... in other words, they can't use it when it's alleged by someone else (a 3rd party) that the player admitted something, either face to face or by a reporter. Tunsil himself was recorded admitting wrongdoing in a press conference; that's neither hearsay nor an illegally obtained admission of guilt.

I do know they have repeatedly said their standards of proof and evidence are substantially lower than those in a court of law; so it'll be interesting to see what eventually happens and what was used to reach the conclusions.

In Topic: Tunsil Admits to taking money?

Today, 09:50 AM

View PostGoldenRebel, on 02 May 2016 - 09:02 AM, said:

The problem is he titles his article saying tunsil "is why" florida did not offer freeze. And then in the body he states that he is guessing. It's junk journalism. And it's just not him but most in the media today. Journalist used to report on facts. Now they literally will report on anything whether factual or not. If it's an opinion article it should be titled as such. But he took the opportunity to write it as such to get clicks. Just like the rest of his garbage articles in the past. And truthfully it may not even be his idea but the dying newspaper he writes for. They may force this upon them. The whole industry is a joke. The article would be fine if he titled it as a question because it certainly is possible. He just has terrible reputation around here and has for years. All we know him for is garbage

You'll get no argument from me about the decline of journalism, sports journalism in particular; I've been complaining about that for about a decade now... basically, if you're a cfb fan and don't have anything bad to say about modern sports journalism, then they just haven't gotten to your team yet; stay tuned.

View Post1dawgfan09, on 02 May 2016 - 09:15 AM, said:

First of all, Tunsil don't give a Posted Imagee about OM no more. He's done there. He was never anything more than a hired mercenary to begin with, and that's playing out now. If any one is not being honest, it's Farrar (whatever his name is). What can possibly Tunsil now that he's a millionaire.

And as a State fan, here is what really pisses me off. Tunsil then accosted the reporter for asking the question because THE REPORTER WAS FROM MS AND PRESUMABLY SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO ASK. Still think you all aren't being sold a ill of goods and that OM doesn't control the message?

That's exactly what I was thinking. One of the inherent problems that comes with picking a school solely because of how much they pay you in extra benefits is it doesn't promote any loyalty to the program or institution. Once Tunsil knew he was getting his pro money and had nothing to worry about, he didn't care if he intentionally or inadvertantly burned Ole Miss on his way out the door.

In Topic: Tunsil Admits to taking money?

Today, 08:50 AM

View PostGoldenRebel, on 02 May 2016 - 08:00 AM, said:

But to say that freeze wasn't offered a job at florida several years ago because foley knew about tunsil is a flat out unsubstantiated lie considering you close the article out by saying that foley has never mentioned freeze. It's nothing but click bait garbage that he's known for. Throws out some crazy headline making it sound factual and then admits that he made it all up after you clicked his page and put money in his pocket. He's a trash journalist.

No, he's speculating that's why Freeze was never really on any candidate list, given what he knows about Foley, his hiring habits, and UF. And it's probably not just because of Tunsil, but all of the 5* players OM was suddenly landing.

And knowing what I do, and regardless of what anyone says publicly, I would say it's probably absolutely true, whether there are any facts to back it up or not.

You'd have to be a UF fan who exprienced our 1984 probation and know Foley's UF history to reach that conclusion; but he errs on the side of caution every time and both he and our compliance department are about as rigid as I've ever heard... even to the detriment of the program sometimes.

That 1984 probation eventually cost us 3 SEC championships, several years of scholarship losses, 2 years of no post-season play, and 2 years of no television... it even ended up stretching into Spurrier's first season, and that was in 1990.

In fact, older Gator fans on several boards are reading what Tunsil has already been caught and punished 7 games for, and they're outraged because his infractions look almost identical to the ones on our notice that got us all those sanctions... reads just like our report. Most of us are pissed about the huge disparity in punishments, and that's even before considering any of this new stuff.

In any event, Foley started as an intern in the UF ticket office in 1976 and worked his way up to AD the old fashioned way, being Ticket Manager (February 1977 - March 1979), Director of Ticket and Game Operations (March 1979 - May 1980), Assistant Athletic Director (May 1980 - June 1981), Associate Athletic Director for Business Affairs (June 1981 - September 1986), Interim Athletic Director (September 1986 - January 1987), Senior Associate Athletic Director (January 1987 - March 1992), and finally Athletic Director (March 9, 1992 - Present).

So, as you might expect, he has seen a lot of successes and mistakes by his predecessors, and how those mistakes crippled our program; his experience his hands-on, he lived it. So he is militant about the compliance aspect of our program, and there have been numerous coaching candidates in several sports who've been vetoed by him simply because there were suggestions, questions, or rumors of character issues... Freeze damn sure wouldn't have been the first, and we haven't seen the last.

Does some shady Posted Image get by him and the compliance department like in virtually every school? It'd be naive to expect otherwise; but he's going to be vigilant in those areas he can control, like the hiring; so if he's the least bit suspicious, he just doesn't risk it.

And let's be honest, when OM started landing all those elite prospects, despite being essentially irrelevant for the last half century, EVERYBODY was suspicious... literally everybody; I'm quite certain Foley wasn't immune or alone. Programs don't just suddenly start outrecruiting all the big boys who win conference titles, and appear in all the NC and elite bowl games without something underhanded going on.

And finally, let's look at the facts we DO have; everybody's suspicions were eventually proven right... OM has, in fact, been breaking the rules. To what extent remains the only mystery at this point.

So, as a UF grad, Ed has unique access to all things UF related, like the history and people closest to our own past compliance issues. He may be only making a guess about Foley and Freeze; but it's an educated guess based on the available information... not just some shot in the dark.

In Topic: Tunsil Admits to taking money?

Today, 07:44 AM

View PostGoldenRebel, on 02 May 2016 - 07:24 AM, said:

Surely you are kidding. He's the same guy who's been saying how ole miss and miss state should be kicked out of the sec for several years. everything I've ever read of his has been unsubstantiated. Just like this piece. He even admits his entire article is bs at the end and he's just writing on opinion. He never has facts
Of course he's only writing an opinion; EVERYBODY is only writing their opinion on this situation because there aren't enough facts known to make any definitive statements yet.

I pretty much took his Mississippi article as tongue-in-cheek, just to provoke discussion and debate; never thought of it as a serious proposal... as if anyone in a position of authority in the SEC would read or consider his proposal in the first place.

What I thought was pretty noteworthy is CNN rarely covers anything sports related, and even less frequently topics that are college sports related, especially right in the middle of a Presidential race that is their bread-n-butter; but the day after the draft they had the Tunsil story, the video, and an opinion from their "expert" that OM is in serious hot water over the revelations.

But, as I said,just like everyone else, the "expert" is only offering an opinion based on the available information. Given the fact that Tunsil and OM have already been rung up for numerous violations/infractions, it's certainly not unreasonable for folks to lean a certain way regarding the validity of these new allegations... you know, "fool me once...".

In Topic: Tunsil Admits to taking money?

Today, 07:13 AM

View PostGoldenRebel, on 01 May 2016 - 08:27 PM, said:

Thanks; so I was right? I didn't see anything in there that said the fund could be used to support parents. And he asked for money to pay his bills and then also his mother's bills in separate texts, clearly indicating they aren't the same or arising from one household.

View PostGoldenRebel, on 01 May 2016 - 08:29 PM, said:

He's the worst writer in America. Constantly bashes both of us. I like how he said at the end that foley dropped no names but it he's assuming all of this lol. He's a page click whore
:lol: He's the worst writer and page click whore now that the topic is OM; for as long as he's been at ESPN he's pretty much been considered one of the more objective, unbiased reporters they have... kind of a breath of fresh air from the "old guard".

Anyway, name 1 sports reporter whose employment isn't affected by his/her ability to attract readers. You can't, because reporters whose articles aren't read eventually aren't ever published, either; because advertisers buy space and time based on the number of people who will see their ads. No readership? Then no ads and no money either.