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Member Since 11 Oct 2006
Offline Last Active 24 minutes ago

In Topic: Official 2014-2015 Basketball Thread

59 minutes ago

In the interest of moving on, I will add that officiating was horrible and yes I did see many ticky tack calls on Arkansas that I didn't really think should have been called. That being said Shows and Nance called the game yesterday so it was predestined to be horribly officiated.

In Topic: Official 2014-2015 Basketball Thread

Today, 08:10 AM

 SECats, on 01 March 2015 - 07:36 AM, said:

I will however say this....

Last year about this time I left the board for a couple of months because of the way basketball season seems to bring out the worst in me at times.  Although UK is having a great year I seem to not be able to "turn the other cheek" much when people make comments that annoy me.  So I am going to gracefully bow out for a while (again) and endure the rest of the season in obscurity.

I also would like to apologize to @rwspear specifically and a few others for being an ass recently.  I'm really not that way in real life and I hate that it comes out on here at times.

Until next time.  Go Big Blue!
I'd say we both could stand to go easier on folks, but that being said, I don't recall anything other than "Posted Image basketball" and "Kentucky football is a joke" 9 months out of the year from everyone else.  Suddenly I don't feel so bad about chewing someone out in here.

In Topic: Official 2014-2015 Basketball Thread

Today, 08:06 AM

 jacobp, on 01 March 2015 - 07:33 AM, said:

I said all along we'd ger drilled.nit was set up perfectly.

Doesn't change the fact that you guys go beyond the baller douche level
You and a couple others definitely aren't who I'm directing my rants at.  You know which Hog posters have been dbags all week, and you've known me on here long enough to know exactly what I'm gonna do when they ask for it.

In Topic: Official 2014-2015 Basketball Thread

Today, 05:47 AM

The bottom line the morning after Hog fans, many of you talked alot of Posted Image leading up to the game. Many of your constituents called into the radio shows here, I'm sure there, and nationally such as Finebaum talking Posted Image. "Kentucky's not that good. 3-0. We're not scared." etc.  And the whole time we laughed at you and told you what was coming and you didn't listen. So spare me and the other UK fans all the butthurt.  You know what youre going to hear from us, so either dont stir the pot, or stir it in the hopes that you win and get to be the giant trash talking asshole but knowing that you have to deal with the opposing fans being assholes if you lose.  Thats how this works.  I'm not gonna tell you it was a good gsme, it wasnt. We were up 31 at one point.  I hope we meet in the SEC tournament and can have a game that lives up to the billing yesterday received.

In Topic: Official 2014-2015 Basketball Thread

Today, 05:32 AM

 gchamblee, on 28 February 2015 - 08:22 PM, said:

yes, make this about arky fans being special and maybe nobody will notice the kentucky fans being arrogant loud mouthed insufferable faggots. you better go check the other threads on the board, someone might be having a discussion that isnt about kentucky and you should straighten them right the Posted Image out and tell them who their daddy is.
That's the spirit. I knew you'd come around.