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Mike Pereira criticizes SEC officials; calls for investigation

26 October 2014 - 10:19 PM


Former NFL vice president of officiating Mike Pereira criticized Southeastern Conference officiating in a column late Saturday.

Pereira, who works for Fox Sports, says that two incidents indicate that SEC officials are abusing the communications system, by speaking with a "mystery man" who is feeding them information. According to Pereira, that completely compromises the officials' and conference's credibility.

During Mississippi State's victory vs. Auburn two weeks ago, Periera said that the officials were speaking with someone after an intentional grounding call on Dak Prescott.
He also cited a personal foul call during Saturday's Alabama-Tennessee game, where officials could be seen standing in a huddle discussing the play. Pereira says it was obvious that the officials on the field were getting input from someone else.

The column also called for Commissioner Mike Slive and coordinator of officials Rogers Redding to investigate.

On Sunday, the SEC office apologized for a missed call in Saturday's Auburn-South Carolina game. Auburn should have been penalized for having two players with the same number on the field on the final play, the SEC said. That penalty would have given South Carolina a second chance at a Hail Mary.


The criticism of SEC officiating has gotten harsher and harsher every year, and now the former VP of NFL officiating is calling for an investigation.

I know during the Tennessee/Alabama game on Saturday night, the officials looked completely Posted Imageing clueless for the majority of the game. It notes the personal foul that they had a several minute discussion over that they called on Tennessee, and not too long after that there was one called on Alabama. Neither play showed any evidence of any kind of personal foul being committed(nor did ESPN even show a replay like they almost always do on personal fouls/major penalties).

Butch Jones was angry over and even the commentators on the game noted how Bama was often allowed late substitutions that should have been called as well. Just completely Posted Imageing clueless job by them. Not in favor of one team or the other, just clueless to the rules overall, and if the SEC wants to continue being regarded as the standard for college football, this officiating HAS to be fixed.

We've got to be the only conference where I see this many people criticizing the officiating in the conference as a whole, year in and year out.

Tennessee has found help for their offensive line in Dillon Collier

18 October 2014 - 08:56 PM

Vol scouts saw this kid play and knew he'd be an immediate upgrade to any of the 5 positions on the o-line, and just had to get him signed.

Posted Image