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Member Since 19 Oct 2011
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North Carolina will beat Clemson

29 November 2015 - 07:47 AM

If they do, assuming Bama beats Uf, who gets in the playoff in clemsons place, Ohio st or North carolina?

huge UGA dumbass alert

17 November 2015 - 01:40 PM


mizzous next coach

16 November 2015 - 03:57 PM

I say 1/2 odds on mizzous next coach is black

WOW....from an Australian on gun control

26 October 2015 - 11:04 AM

alot of you know I'm not a Republican or Democrat.........I am more conservative than liberal, I just can't get down with wearing a uniform and acting like a phucking idiot as I defend my party and talk Posted Image about the other

gun control........I am conservative in that I want to protect our rights as they exist, funny thing, I have never owned a gun, just not a gun enthusiast.  I served my country and have hunted a few times in my years, therefore proficient with most basic firearms.......just not a hobby of mine

i stumbled across this though on some website from an Australian:

From: Ed Chenel, A police officer in Australia
Hi Yanks, I thought you all would like to see the real
figures from Down Under.
It has now been 12 months since gun owners in Australia were forced by a new law to
surrender 640,381 personal firearms to be destroyed by our own< br /> government, a program costing Australia taxpayers
more than $500 million dollars.
The first year results are now in:
Australia-wide, homicides are up 6.2 percent,
Australia-wide, assaults are up 9.6 percent;
Australia-wide, armed robberies are up 44 percent (yes, 44 percent)!
In the state of Victoria .....
lone, homicides with firearms are now up 300 percent.(Note that
while the law-abiding citizens turned them in, the criminals did not
and criminals still possess their guns!)
While figures over the previous 25 years showed a steady
decrease in armed robbery with firearms, this has changed drastically upward in the past 12 months, since the criminals now are guaranteed that their prey is unarmed.There has also been a dramatic increase in break-ins and assaults of the elderly, while the resident is at home.
Australian politicians are at a loss to explain how public
safety has decreased, after such monumental effort and expense was expended in 'successfully ridding Australian society of guns....' You won't see this on the American evening news or hear your governor or members of the State Assembly disseminating this information.
The Australian experience speaks for itself. Guns in the
hands of honest citizens save lives and property and, yes, gun-control laws affect only the law-abiding citizens.
Take note Americans, before it's too late!
Will you be one of the sheep to turn yours in?
WHY? You will need it.

texas a&m's stadium

18 October 2015 - 01:34 AM

Looks like a rednecks double wide that he added on 7 times after winning the lottery