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In Topic: nothing about ferguson going on?

Yesterday, 06:40 PM

View PostA. Pilgrim, on 26 November 2014 - 08:10 AM, said:

thats not what I asked.
Of course there are socioeconomic factors to be considered (unless someone actually thinks people of a specific race are more likely to commit a crime based solely on the color of their skin, which is an idiotic thing to believe)

But even then- there is a perception, nearly universally among the black community, that police target black people disproportionately. I'm not talking about when a crime has actually been committed- I'm talking about when police pull someone over unnecessarily, question someone walking down the street, just general assumptions by police that a black person is 'up to no good' whereas a white person doing the same thing would not be harassed. That's what the black community believes.

That's what I'm asking- whether you think that is a false narrative?

If you believe it to be a false narrative, then you're saying it is more likely that an overwhelming majority of the black community are buying into a narrative that is incorrect, that police officers- a job whose requirements are absurdly low, are for the most part, able to make objective assessments of individuals without being prejudiced by the race of that individual.

Sorry...in MY opinion, that doesnt pass the sniff test. I'm not saying all cops are dumb. I'm not saying all cops are prejudiced. But I am saying that the requirements to become a police officer are unfortunately low (physical requirements aside, I'm talking education). Its also completely understandable if a police officer, a high stress position, allows the socioeconomic disparity amongst criminals to naturally creep into their own personal prejudice, and inadvertently allow that prejudice to affect their judgement when conducting their job.

But, hey- you just keep on thinking that cant be the case, that the only 'logical' conclusion is that the overwhelming majority of black people are all wrong, that they all suffer from some persecution complex.

do you know why the job requirements are absurdly low? because people intelligent enough to be good cops are smart enough to stay away from that career path. they know that if they are unfortunate enough to survive a life/death situation involving a black man they will be found guilty by cnn within 30 minutes of the event and the whole emotional nation will come after them with a vigor that will ruin their lives with no hope of recovery.

In Topic: nothing about ferguson going on?

Yesterday, 06:35 PM

View PostA. Pilgrim, on 26 November 2014 - 07:42 AM, said:

So you believe that the opinion of the overwhelming majority of black Americans that blacks are unjustly targeted by police to be false?

i believe they are unjustly targeted by police, but that does not justify putting an innocent man on trial for murder to pay the price for the guilty that came before him. i think the man youre looking for is named jesus, and you missed your chance to witness a crucifiction by about 2,000 years

In Topic: nothing about ferguson going on?

Yesterday, 06:29 PM

View PostA. Pilgrim, on 26 November 2014 - 06:58 AM, said:

Do you deny that the black community in America has a history of having their grievances with law enforcement ignored?

is that your justification for moving away from an evidence based justice system and towards an emotion based justice system?

In Topic: nothing about ferguson going on?

Yesterday, 06:18 PM

View Postbulldawg28, on 25 November 2014 - 09:06 PM, said:

I would have threatened the officers life had it been my son.

well nevermind my previous posts directed at you. now that you have admitted evidence doesnt influence your opinion of legal matters, and cop killing is a justified response... i will no longer consider you in possession of the minimum amount of rational thought capacity to debate even football with. you have now been ignored so that i dont have social exchange with you accidentally.

In Topic: nothing about ferguson going on?

Yesterday, 06:12 PM

View Postbulldawg28, on 25 November 2014 - 09:05 PM, said:

Based off what? The kid was running away after being shot but was chased down to be finished off. The officer is a prick.

come on man. why are you choosing to ignore evidence and continue to demand a reaction to an event that didnt occur? the only way we will ever survive as a society is to place a high value on honesty.