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Member Since 09 Aug 2011
Offline Last Active Today, 12:45 AM

In Topic: An Open Letter to Razorbackers

Yesterday, 10:53 PM

Posted Image

In Topic: An Open Letter to Razorbackers

Yesterday, 10:47 PM

there is so much to make fun of us for, yet the author couldnt think of any of them.

In Topic: And now, the Feats of Strength--Jarran Reed

Yesterday, 10:58 AM

View PostRammaJamma, on 08 October 2015 - 10:50 AM, said:

Dude I'm just :lanekiffin:in with y'all sissy beer drinking jacobp mostly. I have Arky picked in the Bookie bets.

Nothing wrong with a Lil Posted Image talk last week's UGA thread just wasn't right.

dude im a Posted Image talker, but going into bama all i would be doing is setting myself up to look like a fool. i knew we would beat tenner so i went full retard on them :P

In Topic: And now, the Feats of Strength--Jarran Reed

Yesterday, 08:04 AM

View PostUAdan, on 08 October 2015 - 07:52 AM, said:

As bad as we gump on here, you rival fans are just as bad at "meh not impressed 2/10"-ing us to death.

come on man. ive never been anything but respectful of what you guys do. i have on multiple occasions referenced how respectful your fans are of your opponents. but you arent going to find many here that are going to ohhhh and ahhh over a db laying out a receiver from the blind side that never saw it coming. thats like doings a neutral slam to spin the wheels and then bragging about how much torque you have.

In Topic: Week 6: Arkansas at Alabama

Yesterday, 07:41 AM

View PostRammaJamma, on 07 October 2015 - 10:00 PM, said:

Mmmmm Coors Light not some sissy man micro brew..

What did I say? Oh yeah 9 years in a row that's almost Tennessee level suckage almost.

in that 9 years, you've had the luxury of playing against petrino defenses(lol), john l smith, and since CBB has arrived the games have been getting closer and closer. CBB knows you're the king of the mountain, and has been building this team with beating you in mind i would imagine. the results seem to indicate that.