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In Topic: Hey Vandy...

Today, 10:18 AM

Vandy made a mistake and hired an unproven coach...he's gunna be your Joker Phillips.  

I'm good with that.

In Topic: Hey USC

Today, 10:15 AM

That was butt me I know what that looks like on a football field.

In Topic: CNN Sucks

Yesterday, 02:47 PM

 A. Pilgrim, on 26 August 2014 - 08:06 AM, said:

And if that person doesn't show respect, then they deserve to be put down like the dog they are, amirite?

Try and pay attention.

The cop didn't just shoot the guy 6 times and execute him.  The kid had just robbed a store, didn't comply with the officer, punched him inside his car, tried to take his gun and then charged at him.

I'm sure if a pillow fight was an option the cop would have chosen that, but he chose to stop the assault (which he has every right to do) and go home to his family that night.

Until there are a different set of SUBSTANTIATED eye witness accounts, forgive me for taking the side of law enforcement.

In Topic: Big Blue Bahamas takeaway

Yesterday, 02:34 PM

Ridiculously athletic and long.  
High basketball IQ.  
Unselfish and great chemistry.
Defensive minded and deep.
WILL to win.

Could we lose in the tourney?  Sure.  But I seriously doubt it happens...#9 approacheth.

In Topic: Big Blue Bahamas takeaway

Yesterday, 02:33 PM