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Member Since 11 Jul 2010
Offline Last Active Today, 08:16 PM

what happened to country music?

Today, 05:10 PM

So I was introduced to hick hop today. It had no redeeming qualities at all. 6-7 groups? Posses? Bands? Crews? And a variety of songs? Tracks? Whatever the Posted Image they call them. It all sucked. I gave up on newer country when the hairbands took it over but started listening again with some of the return to singing with some country in it but hick hop just sucks.

Its not rap, its not country well I wouldn't call that Posted Image music.

game 1 Utah state

18 July 2014 - 03:22 PM



QB Keaton vs TBD (Worley) gotta go Keaton here. Both are coming off season ending injuries by that's were the commonalities end

RB R Hall (JUCO) K Johnson vs M Lane J Hurd Vols and its not close

OLine USA starting 5 vs UT starting 5 UT has more talent and is bigger with a better coach gotta go UT

WR Swidall/Natson/Butler vs North/Malone/Pearson(Croom) this on wasn't even close before 2 of the Aggies got arrested this month UT by a country mile

TE Houston vs et al  UT has the raw talent but the edge goes to Houston for game 1 of the season

Next will be the D.

anyone looked at the class Jones is building?

15 July 2014 - 09:27 AM

5* P Williams WR 6'4 205
5* K McKenzie DT 6'4 340 (scouts overall #1)
4* A Karma RB 5'10 215 (JUCO)
4* J Jones OT 6'5 290
4* J Jennings ATH 6'4 190 (wants to play QB, projects as a DB)
4* A Butcher DE 6'3 250
4* C Cherry ILB 6' 230
4* Q Picou DT 6'3 290
4* Q Dormady QB 6'4 215
3* Z Stewart OT 6'4 295
3* S Griffen S 6'3 190
3* K Oliver TE 6'5 225
3* D Jackson DE 6'6 250
3* C Hall DT 6'5 300
3* J Woods CB 5'8 165
3* R Ried RB 6' 220
3* A Smith LB 6'4 230
3* J Bruce ATH 5'10 165
2* T Townsend P 6'1 175 (#1 Punter in the nation)
2* R Lovingood LS 6'1 240 (Legacy)

just saw a couple of stories (all sourcing SOS jr) about SCs recruiting class

12 July 2014 - 11:12 AM

Saying a third of last years recruiting class is likely not to get in? Including much needed DB help they were counting on. Looking at some of last year's SC games it looked like they were (being polite) lacking at LB and DB and the idea of playing warm bodies in the backfield (unheralded freshman and a former walk on) just doesn't strike me as a way to fix those issues and that got me looking and thinking.

Most preseason services and its this board's consensus is that SC is a top 10 and SEC favorite but with a sorta new QB and holes on D what are people seeing that I am missing? Yes Mike Davis is a top shelf RB and yes the OLine could be very good if everyone stays healthy but none of the WRs are No1 type guys (none over 6 feet an none over 200 pounds) and an injury to the OLine or Davis brings them back to earth quickly. Spurrier is a half step away from being granny Holtz level bat Posted Image crazy and a liability. No one can expect much out of SCs D this year. The DTs should be better than average but everything else looks questionable at this point. The play makers are gone and the heart and soul on O left with Shaw.

So what am I missing? What makes this a top 10 squad? And how in the hell can a third of a recruiting class not make it on campus? SC tends to sign and place a ton of guys but 1/3 of a class seems like it would hurt you in a year or 2.

I didn't put this in trash talk because I hope I am just overlooking something and some on here can clarify it for me. If it turns ugly just move it to trash talk.

if we can get any kind of QB play this year this O is going to be stout.

06 July 2014 - 06:44 AM

Marlin Lane SR 5-11 215
Jalen Hurd FR 6-3 238

North SO 6-4 225
Malone FR 6-3  207
Pearson JR 6-3 190
Croom RSSO 6-5 240

Wolf 6-5 FR 248
Helm 6-4 FR 237