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math isn't my strong suit but this just doesn't seem sustainable

16 April 2014 - 07:42 PM

Full time year round non public sector employment in this country is 86,500,000 people. Another 16,600,000 work full time year round for the government (ie non producers). In the last census people in households receiving one or more forms of government assistants numbered 151,000,000 minus 3,500,000 that served in the armed forces leaves 147,500,000 people being supported by 86,500,000.

Does anyone think this can work long time?

like desperadoes waiting for a train, and its still April.

09 April 2014 - 08:32 AM

So here I sit, my Vols have ugly questions at QB and OT and some not so ugly questions all over the field. The O&W game is coming up and football season is an eternity away. Its a mix of angst and trepidation with a bit of hope and optimism that I less than patiently await the new season.

The BCS is gone and now we have a bad playoff system in its place. A new face replaces Monte Muffins illegitimate love child for Vandy and a few coaches find their seats uncomfortably warm as the season nears (Mushchamp looking at you dawg). Every QB that can pass for a college QB have left the SEC strangling to replace or adapt in that position with Mizzo and SC looking to be in the catbird seat in that regard. We launch a new SEC network this year so we can finally watch Vandy and UK play on TV. Hopefully Steve Oswald Spurrier gets to join the cast of commentators before he dies. Ole Ball Coach would be a sound bit a minute cohosting a show with Pollock and Eric Ainge. Let's make that happen.

The usually suspects have been picked to win their divisions this year UGA (really? No QB, no OLine, broken WRS, new DC and system, same Hobo and CMR, Gurley may or may not be 100% the list literally goes on and on) and Bama (Buck Fama) (I hope Sabans daughter catches herpes from Kiffin) and the usual experts will be wrong again this year. With the mass exodus of QBs from the league we should see a return to the D and running game that has taken a back seat the last few years. Yes Auburn and UGA fans you really must play D at some point, sorry but its not an option. When you don't play D ACC teams win national titles.

I'm off to work now, sorry this write up was all over the place. I was playing hungry hungry hippos while typing it.

Remington R51 anyone fondled one yet?

29 March 2014 - 07:38 AM

The slide is a bit rough and the trigger is not a 1911 trigger as advertised but the size is awesome and it is supposed to shoot in better as it is used.

Anyone played with one or have an opinion on it?

no shame in this game

28 March 2014 - 07:26 PM

The Vols battled back and made it a 1 point game with 2 sec in the game.

I always wanted a Browning A5, til I owned one.

27 March 2014 - 06:19 PM

So I bought 2 16 gauge shotguns today. A savage 720 and a Belgium A5. Picked both up at a hell of a deal, 500 for both. The Browning needs some TLC on the stock and the 720 just isn't worth much (720 is an A5 clone). Damn things beat my shoulder down. Recoil operated shotguns it seems don't recoil like modern shotguns. The whole barrel assembly gets thrown back not the bolt. I'm guessing that's why A5s always look like new, they suck to shoot. I guess part of it might be that I am spoiled on 28gauge shotguns but whatever the case I just couldn't get past 30ish rounds today.

I am in the middle of looking for a Remington model 11 in 16 gauge to complete the set but will likely put them on display and stick to shooting the Bennelli family of shotguns.