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Member Since 11 Jul 2010
Offline Last Active Yesterday, 09:34 PM

why are milinials so f ed up?

23 January 2015 - 09:57 PM

No sense of propriety, no morals and no boundries. Its the most Posted Imageed up thing Ive ever seen. Its about the feels now and reality has no meaning. As a Christian nation we rose from a group of outcasts and fortune seekers and turned it into a 200 year run as a world power. We were the nation that the world turned to for guidance and hope. Then the idea of the communist progressive liberals found a generation to claim. Took the Posted Imageers decades to chip away at the edges of American greatness but the bastards took root in the milinial. Maybe global warming will burn this Posted Imagehole to the ground and the next generation will be better. Cant even turn the damn TV on without some Posted Imageed up Posted Image on every channel.

I get that the LGBYTRM crowd needs its place at the table but why the Posted Image do they need every mother Posted Imageing seat? Where is the Posted Image Im a demographic for? Am I the only son of a bitch around that thinks, maybe just maybe a TV show can exist without meterosexuals, unrealistic overpowered chicks queers and a couple of normal kids? Maybe a show can not slut out girls while pussing out boys? Maybe? Homosexuals are less than 2% of the population everwhere but TV. On TV they are 40%+. Posted Image this Posted Image.

So I watched 10 minutes of Glee with my niece and flipped the channels because while Glee makes God cry the rest of this Posted Image aint much better. Want to know why a really bad show like Duck Dynasty is so wildly successful? Its because the kids are not whored out, the sons are not sucking dick in front of the camera and the whole family isnt as Posted Imageed up as every other family on TV.

Maybe Hogan really does know. Maybe its time to pop smoke, creal the LZ and relocate to a less Posted Imageed county. There has to be a happy place before we are forced to choose sheria law or the milinials.

rumors are thick about UGA today

30 December 2014 - 11:54 AM

Pruitt to ATM, CMR having issues with UGA folks, Bobo was told to move on because CMR was stepping down after bowl game. Odd day in Ga on sport talk and the interwebs.

Anyone else seeing this?

if herschel walker had played anywhere else this is a golden age for UGA.

06 November 2014 - 11:04 AM

And CMR is the greatest to ever coach at UGA. Think about it. Outside of UGAs early 80s ball what time was better for them than the CMR era? 8-10 wins a year every year. A couple of early SEC titles. A couple of BCS bowl wins early. Take Walker away from Dooley and you have an average coach while CMR would be enjoying the golden age of UGA football.

So the question becomes who was the better coach? Dooley or CMR? The answer without Walker is CMR hands down. Will fans remember CMR the way they do Dooley when he is gone? Or will he fade into the sunset like Fulmer?

With the Majors/ Fulmer stuff most folks would rather remember Majors as the hero and Fulmer as the villian. Will the same go at UGA?