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In Topic: Cars We Drive

Today, 08:06 PM

daily driver is a 2006 regular cab chevy 1500 or a 2002 2 door blazer. The weakend and boat puller is a fully restored 1994 2 door Tahoe.

wife drives a honda 2012 CRV

In Topic: Grantham already causing problems at Louisville

Today, 05:55 PM

he starts winning in that lesser conference and no one will care where he sticks his nose or who he yells at.

In Topic: so a cop in St Louis killed a kid and we are on day 2 of the riots.

Today, 05:59 AM

in hopes it burns itself out most likely. In being non confrontational they might hope this becomes less of a story and everyone goes away. The problem is that it requires the looters to be reasonable and behave in a reasonable manner. The more that I read and see about Ferguson (arch watchers court watchers stuff is facinating and enlightening) the more I see that the standard cause and effect relationships are just not present. The theory that to slow down folks running a stop sign you make the fine unreasonable to the point folks modify a behavior and stop running a stop sign just doesnt apply. When the reasonable and the unreasonable approach cant achieve a desired result the unreasonable approach as a punitive means usually beomes the SOP. The local police have become so heavy handed to effect a behavioral change it has modified their behavior too. People that are/were normal well ajusted and intended people off the clock have become just as maladjusted as the public they are attempting to fix while on the clock. Its my opinion that the whole area needs to be looked at and either intensly retrained or written off because it is broken and breaking everything it touches. I would bulldoze the whole thing, rebuild with community envolement in the actual brick and mortar rebuild, fire everyone in the local government and headhunt the best and the brightest on 5 year contracts and start over on the states dime as a pilot program to change the culture and mindset of the locals or just walk away shaking my head and making sure the travel advisories were well known.

 rwspear, on 18 August 2014 - 09:32 PM, said:

a lot of story lines at this point.

a lot of people are wondering who keeps starting these violent events bc it seems like its always non-citizens of ferguson.

but fair enough.

heres a question: why were the highway patrol allowing people to loot?

In Topic: so a cop in St Louis killed a kid and we are on day 2 of the riots.

Today, 05:38 AM

they have always bought surplus equipment. Thompson submachineguns from WWII could be found in every police locker for a long time. Tanks and grenade launchers in the numbers we are seeing and the drive to over arm and over equip is new to Obma. Just because  a practice has been around forever doesnt mean Obama cant take the blame for expanding and abusing it.

 NextYearIsHere, on 19 August 2014 - 01:59 AM, said:

You :lanekiffin:ing hack. Why don't you look up when cops were actually allowed to start buying surplus military gear. This didn't start under Obama, but far be it for you, a total :lanekiffin:ing partisan shill that helps peddle weapons like these, to miss a chance to say he did it.

In Topic: Isis getting rowdy on Christians on a Mountain

Yesterday, 06:59 PM

would it not demonstrate a willingness to use brute force and violence? showing a frame of mind just before the events took place.

View PostA. Pilgrim, on 18 August 2014 - 06:41 PM, said:

Are you referring to Brown?

Because, you do know that the officer who killed Brown had no knowledge of the robbery at the time he sh

ot and killed Brown

So, if thats the case- what does the robbery have to do with his death?