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Member Since 11 Jul 2010
Online Last Active 4 minutes ago

In Topic: Ever wonder why folks that got so worked up over the confederate flag

30 minutes ago

View Postgchamblee, on 28 July 2015 - 11:38 AM, said:

i dont care if they have an official kkk id card or not. if they are cutting holes in pillow cases, marching up and down the streets calling black people niggers and generally displaying the same sentiment the kkk displayed, then as far as im concerned they are kkk. you can defend it with census numbers and whatever hoops you want to jump through as an offended southerner i really dont care. as a southern man, i find the behavior shameful and it offends me regardless of how you categorize them. had i been 49 years old 50 years ago i would feel the same way i do right now this day in 2015.... take your :lanekiffin:ing message of hate somewhere else. i have no patience for people that are so narrow minded they believe that skin pigmentation is a viable marker for a superior position in the hierarchy of the human race. white men have done more damage to society than i care to recount... i will never be ashamed of being a white man, and i will never try to make someone else feel ashamed of whatever their skin color is. if you cant get past that simple mental hurdle, then you will never find yourself able to cope with the more complex problems society faces.

They have no structure, no leader, less than 8,000 followers nation wide (real number is less than 4;000 active) and no money or assets. They are impotent unless you fear them. Literally the boogeyman.

In Topic: Ever wonder why folks that got so worked up over the confederate flag

34 minutes ago

View Postgchamblee, on 28 July 2015 - 11:53 AM, said:

well lets dismantle your strawman argument as rephrase the question.... have you ever seen white racist trash that refer to black people as niggers and talk about them like they are intruders or unwelcome here? if you say no then youre lying. growing up in the south most of my friends have at one time or another displayed that exact behavior and the sad part is it was not an opinion that was derived from their personal experiences... it was derived from listening to their parents rant and rage for years and years.

i wish that as a society we could stop giving so much power to words and start giving power to intent. if calling someone a nigger stopped offending people, uneducated redneck trash would lose all of their social power because lets face it, they arent educated enough to be in positions of authority. we then  could focus on the people that feel superior to other races but dont actively speak the language... the ones that are in positions of authority and you have to dig a little deeper into their hiring/firing practices to start uncovering their deep seeded hatred.

mild racism doesnt offend me, hell everyone is mildly racist. its the harmful racism that bothers me really bad. the racism that actually has economic/physical impacts on people. like being put in jail because of your race/gender/sexual preference... or being passed over for a promotion, or being fired, or not being hired, or having the Posted Image beat out of you. name calling only hurts the weak but the rest of that Posted Image impacts the strongest willed and most dedicated folk and is the epitome of social injustice. i think people focus on the name calling and language because they really dont know how to combat the more harmful varieties of racism that exist. people need to quit getting offended by words like nigger and faggot and cracker.... they are nothing but words. look closely at the intent and then determine whether it is worthy of a response.

the more we teach our children that they have a right to be offended and that society owes them something when they do get offended, the more we weaken our society. we are :lanekiffin:ed up right now i expect it to get worse before it gets better. the most reprehensible part of it is, a lot of innocent people are getting pulled under by the current.

You honestly think there is a police force in america that rounds up folks because they are black or gay? That is absurd. And blatantly false.

Folks get passed over for promotions based on gender or race all the time. As a white male I was passed over for a female with dubious qualifications because of a company wide program to recruit females and minorities into leadership positions. I dont blame the clan for it. I dided my time and encouraged here to seek further promotion outside my store and then slid into her spot. When we did a restructure at work with the management team it was understood the black female manager had an immumity idol. They demoted a coworker (white male) and fired a senior manager (white male vet).

Black folks get beat and even killed based on color almost hourly in this country. You nailed that one. You did miss the mark thou on labling it racist. The colors being fought and killed over are not black and white but rather gang colors. Infact according to FBI crime statistics white male on black or gay violence is the least common form of violence in this country today.

Maybe its time to step up and look at modern reality instead of living with your grandparents eyes. Its easy to lay blame at racisism. Its also lazy and inaccurate. Yes racism does exist in most people to the limited point of sterotypes. But actionable to the individual type racism is for the most part from whites dead.

In Topic: Ever wonder why folks that got so worked up over the confederate flag

Yesterday, 11:10 AM

View PostOmahaBound, on 27 July 2015 - 05:06 PM, said:

Being nowhere near your peak means you don't exist?

There is no Tennessee Volunteer football.

Wearing a Payton Manning jersey doesn't mean you are Payton Manning. That would be a more apt comparison.

In Topic: Ever wonder why folks that got so worked up over the confederate flag

27 July 2015 - 04:41 PM

View PostL.A.Hog, on 27 July 2015 - 04:07 PM, said:

I thought that's what the clan is...

The clan was both a political power with hundreds of thousands (millions at its peak)of mebers and a militant organization. They had actual power and were righty feared. The political side provided cover for the militant side to the point they were almost allowed free riegn in many midwest areas. Thats why they were rightly feared. They were outside the law. When they marched if you were white you marched with them because they were the power. If you were the subject of their march you had no recourse because they were answerable only to themselves.

Thats a far cry from an idiot putting a pillowcase on his head and screaming look at me Im the boogey man. 6,000 people spread over the country with no leadership, no money and no purpose are not to be feared. If there was a clan then membership would have jumped to 1970 levels at the very least. They would have offered a home for disgruntled people. You would have seen rallies in every midwest city and town and violence in the south.

There is no clan.

In Topic: Ever wonder why folks that got so worked up over the confederate flag

27 July 2015 - 03:43 PM

Any knucklehead can get a group of like minded knuckleheads together and call themselves the clan