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Member Since 13 Dec 2009
Offline Last Active Today, 08:29 AM

Keith Joseph

06 November 2015 - 11:01 PM

Keith Joseph Jr and his father passed away in a car accident tonight. That family needs to feel the support,love, and prayers of Bulldog Nation.

Keith Senior is a record holder here at MSU, and his son was a freshman DT.

The Things we've learned.

04 October 2015 - 10:38 AM

1.) Bama--Will the real Crimson Tide please stand up? They did to the tune of 38-10 over a top ten UGA squad Between the Hedges. To all of those who thought the dynasty was dead, you must have felt silly when a massive, Crimson hand exploded back up out of the grave (thought I'd use a Halloween analogy since its October). What you saw yesterday was the real deal for Saban and Co., not turnover ridden Cable TV Bama that took the field verses OM a handful of Saturdays ago.
2.) LSU--The Bayou Bengals are the absolute definition of a one trick pony, but it's a helluva trick and a Clydesdale in this case. This division is still an LSU/Bama battle. That aint changed.
3.) TAMU--The Aggies were on point the first half of their battle with MSU last night. But State did some things defensively in the second half that allowed the offensively anemic Bulldogs to hang around. All in all, TAMU is a good team, but I still don't think they are as good as the two listed above, but, then again, who is?
4.) OIe Miss--The Rebels got exposed last night in The Swamp in a big way. Freeze and his team were totally unprepared for the atmosphere and everything the flu-bug-ridden Gators were up to both offensively and defensively. Kelly got rattled and things went downhill almost immediately after that. The Rebs have a cupcake to right the ship on on deck, tho. Then its on to other challenges.
5.) Arkansas--All you can say about this one is that apparently Arkansas does in fact have some players that could start at UT. Huge win for Bielema to get some the doubters among the Hog faithful off of his back and, in celebration--to get Jen on his front.
6.) Mississippi State--What happened to the offense? It appears some of the talking heads were correct (I know. I'm as shocked as anyone) when they said that Dak was a one man team this year. The only bright spot on offense except for Dak is Malik Dear, who--knowing Dan--will likely play less and less each game for some inexplicable reason.
7.) Auburn--Sucking hind teat, just like they deserve to be. The Orange and Blue version of the Tigers put on a complete lack luster performance yesterday against San Jose State. San Jose State for pete's sake.

1.) Florida--What more can be said about the Gator's dismantling of Ole Miss other than that it sets the tone for the rest of the year for UF. Things in Gainesville are close to being where they once were again.
2.) UGA--Able to win every game that doesn't matter. The usually formidable Bulldogs' array of talent and weaponry, to quote Lincoln, becomes an "elder stalk charged with rose water" when it comes to playing a game with any real consequence.
3.) UK--It took everything they had to get past EKU last night proving that Kentucky, while better than they used to be, isn't there it. But, in all fairness, they were also missing one of their best play makers in Boom Williams, who would have likely helped the offense along tremendously.
4.)Mizzou--One thing I have learned about these guys is they are one more scrappy and resilient bunch. Never count them out. They also lost to UGA in humiliating fashion last season and found ways to scrape and skitter to a second consecutive Eastern Division title.
5.) Tennessee--Tennessee has face planted. Plain and simple. The Vols were picked to do big things, and so far, they've done nothing but lose tight games that they easily could have won, sometimes blowing significant leads in the process. I see nothing in UT that makes me think they are anything remotely close to back. In fact, Jones looks like Dooley with better recruiting, which may actually make his losing more heinous given the talent he's hauling in.
6.) South Carolina--All good things must come to an end. A trite saying, but no less true for being cliche. SOS has had a helluva run in Carolina, and he is one of the best to ever wear a headset and stalk a sideline. But the rust is showing. It wouldn't surprise me if SC only won one SEC game all season, and that was Vandy. He's made enough to afford any green's fee in the country, though. That's some consolation.
7.) Vandy--You got the win, and that's all that matters at this point for y'all. That defense is legit, as it should be since Derek Mason's a defensive minded coach. All in all, Vandy is better than they were last season, but they're still Vandy, the good, old lovable losers.