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Member Since 13 Dec 2009
Offline Last Active Today, 01:19 PM

In Topic: Predict the record (2015): Week 6 - Texas A&M

Today, 01:15 PM

@msubulldogfan1, keep your eyes on Fred Ross and Malik Dear. Dear will be too good not to see the field at some point.

I'll never understand how the line goes from "State doesn't have the talent......" Then we go out and finish 10-3, and the line becomes: "State will never replace the talent."

In Topic: Predict the record (2015): Week 6 - Texas A&M

Today, 01:12 PM

We have the best QB in the conference by a mile, possibly one of the best in the country. We have the best CB in college football per Mel Kipper in Will Redmond, and we have one of the statistically best WRs in Bear Force One, that's De'Runya Wilson to everyone else.

Nearly all of the guys who made big plays on D last season are back:

Chris Jones
Nick James
Benny Brown
Richie Brown

We rotate so many people that being a starter means nothing at State.

In Topic: SEC Expanson/Big 12 Death

Today, 10:17 AM

At least if you add UVA, there is baseball. Vandy gave the conference a ton of good coverage with their CWS run, not to mention the prestige UK brings to the conference from a basketball standpoint. Which, I like to hector them about, but have to admit that people largely outside of the South watch them for, which brings eyeballs to the SEC.

In Topic: SEC Expanson/Big 12 Death

Today, 10:13 AM

Comparing Arkansas and ECU is a bit of a stretch in the fact that Arkansas is the only athletic big name school in the state. They are, beyond doubt, the flagship university in Arkansas and garner the lion's share of funding and fan support as a result. Arkansas also had a more semi established history from years of having played Texas, TAMU, and SMU (back when they were a bigger deal before the NCAA eviscerated them). I am willing to say that it is likely far more people knew the Arkansas brand when the joined the SEC than know the ECU brand right now.

ECU would be years, if ever, before it was ever anything more than an SEC welfare state, and if we're talking tv viewership and whatnot, what will happen when people lose interest because ECU is getting destroyed every game? Nothing takes butts out of seats like losing. Nothing drains big time booster support like losing. That scenario would make ECU even more dependent on the SEC and with the loss of fan interest add nothing in terms of a TV footprint in NC. They bring nothing in terms of prestige.

We would gain nothing but a charity case.

In Topic: SEC Expanson/Big 12 Death

Today, 08:50 AM

ECU would get destroyed for the first decade it was in the SEC, give nothing to the conference, and probably set their program back a long ways as well with all of the losing they would have to endure to get close to being relevant against the Bamas, UFs, UGAs, Auburns, LSUs, and Mississippi State's of the world. ECU is literally the definition of--and an ambiguous one at that--a directional school.

We have no use for them, and likely they have no use for us.