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Member Since 05 Nov 2008
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In Topic: Blake Barnett's GF

41 minutes ago

Oh lawd

In Topic: Time to ban the flag

Yesterday, 05:28 PM

View Postcocky4ever, on 28 August 2015 - 05:22 PM, said:

Right, I think the meme is more of a joke since the two flags aren't really comparable.

The bias comes into play when race is only a topic if the white man is the aggressor. Just to use one example, of which there is increasingly large pool of examples.....rewind 8 years and think about what kind of stuff Obama's preacher used to spew. It was basically brushed under the rug and dismissed as nothing. Now consider today....Trump can't even say that rapists and murderers pour across our borders without being considered horribly offensive. And again, that is just one of a HUGE pool of examples.

Yeah leftist media basically said you can't hold Obama accountable for what his pastor said (nevermind President Obama went to that church for 20 years or so). Could you imagine if Fox tried to make an excuse like that for any GOP candidate if that candidate went to a racist's church for 20 years? The Left would have a field day. Hell, if President Obama was white I'm not sure he could have survived that, even if he was a leftist messianic figure like Hilary.

In Topic: Time to ban the flag

Yesterday, 12:55 PM

View PostNextYearIsHere, on 28 August 2015 - 12:46 PM, said:


The blame always goes somewhere, yet it can never ever go towards guns. Just another example of how easy it is for a mentally unstable person to get ahold of a gun. We have to make this about his skin or who he liked to bang, but we can't make this, or Roof, or any of the movie theater/school/mall shootings about the weapons used.

The really bad part is, Americans are used to this now. It has become normal to us. Next week this won't even be a thing.

It isn't really about his race or homosexuality, the point is the narrative of this story would be a lot different in the media if he was a straight white man that carried out this crime for similarly cited reasons. I think it'd be hard to argue the narrative wouldn't be different. I don't think I saw you whistling the it's not about race tune etc. after the shooting in Charleston. It's not a race thing, a gun thing - it's a way mentally unstable people are treated/cared for in this country.

Of course it's too easy for mentally unstable people to get guns. I don't think anybody, right or left will disagree with you there.

In Topic: Time to ban the flag

Yesterday, 09:36 AM

View Postsmokeyone, on 28 August 2015 - 09:19 AM, said:

The Gay movement is to normal people what the clan was to blacks at the height of its power. The gay movement has taken over a political party (the same one the clan owned ironicly), has the power of hollywood, media and entertainment with the power to black list people. It has the government enforcing its will. It is untouchable in court. It has a couple of militant branches.

That's probably reaching more than a little. Don't get me wrong though, I loathe the PC police society we live in. Also to be fair, the KKK was a force in the Democrat Party when it still controlled much of the South before the parties reversed political philosophies. (Remember, there were Republicans such as Teddy that were more Progressive than even most of the far left's standards today)

I am pretty tired of the SJW crowd who are basically thought police. It's interesting to note, there is growing concern amongst college professors over the PC thought police. Maybe since they have a big influence over the typically white guilt / overly PC crowd of young people we will begin to see a steady move away from it. You even see far-left Democrats such as Bill Maher calling out the PC police shenanigans from his party now all the time regarding how they treat Christians and Muslim extremist so differently. Maybe things will start to get better on that front.

In Topic: Auburn being Auburn

Yesterday, 07:33 AM

In before SEC schools start showing off players that have a 3.0 GPA and major in Finger Painting, their dissertation being hand printed turkey colored within the lines