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In Topic: CNN Sucks

21 minutes ago

View PostHaymaker, on 24 October 2014 - 12:27 PM, said:

Oh god damn cry me a :lanekiffin:ing river cuz I am friends with several black men, I own property with black men that would laugh at your comment

I was in belks the other day looking around men's suit dept.....a black employee asked someone if they could help them, completely ignored me, walked right by me without saying a damn thing and never asked to help me the ten min I looked thru all the ties that were on sale......I actually don't think it was spite, but a black man would've have immediately thought racism....I can give you instances just like every whit person can where a person is ignored, treated rudely, got the short end of a stick, didn't get a job they interviewed for, etc....it's called life but black people have been brainwashed that racism is behind every instance of the same and the constant race baiting is becoming counterproductive

On this subject, a black guy I worked with delivering pizzas once bitched that the black cop who gave him a speeding ticket for doing 65 in a 45 was an uncle tom and hated his own kind. Some people want to make race an issue no matter what

In Topic: Week 9: Ole Miss at LSU

23 minutes ago

I feel an LSU win for some reason. Mad hatter is due for one of his full retard wins and if this is a night game at Death Valley I could see bad Bo come out

In Topic: SC police office shoots man for following order

29 minutes ago

You're really preaching to the wrong site, you'll find most people on here detest cops. Obviously this cop was a moron and has been treated as such since this happened what... a month ago? Michael Brown was a thug, his behavior in front of cameras has consistently proven it. Sometimes the white cop isn't the bad guy which I know is hard for anyone to accept

In Topic: 2015 Florida Gators Recruiting Thread

Yesterday, 08:24 PM

View PostGATORSFAN21, on 23 October 2014 - 08:23 PM, said:

He just said today that he's still considering UF along Bama and LSU. Thomas didn't mention Georgia....but anything can happen with these recruits

Pruitt is recruiting him hard now and I believe he is visiting the AU @ UGA game. I like Georgia's chances long term here. Only thing that really hurts us with Thomas is if we land Roquan Smith which of course we'd rather have Smith in Pruitt's system

In Topic: Georgia to file paperwork for Todd Gurley reinstatement

Yesterday, 08:12 PM

View PostGatorHater24, on 23 October 2014 - 07:25 PM, said:


Bryan Allen, the man who may have started the NCAA’s investigation into whether Todd Gurley accepted extra benefits for autographs, wants Gurley reinstated.
In an interview through his attorney with WSB-TV Atlanta, Allen expressed his desire to see Gurley back on the football field for the Georgia Bulldogs as well as his regret for triggering the subsequent events.
“He thinks he ought to be playing football this Saturday and thinks that he should not be punished,” Ed Garland, Allen’s attorney, said. “He greatly regrets that he made the one payment to him, $400, he wishes he never had.”
News of the payment to Gurley surfaced earlier in the month when Allen allegedly sent out an email to SB Nation, detailing the exchange of “thousands of dollars” between he and Gurley for the star running back’s autograph.
It was later revealed that Gurley only received $400 from Allen in what his attorney describes as a one-time payment.

He skeered

Ed Garland is a UGA guy... word is what Bryan Allen did is actually a crime in Alabama and that guy has a lot of Alabama/Auburn merchandise signed... guarantee you Garland said you need to shut the Posted Image up unless you want to do time, moron