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As I think the comments regarding atheism

View PostFCNdawg, on 11 November 2012 - 05:18 PM, said:

All of this is a prime example of why I see no need to bring red herrings from the 60's and belief in the supernatural into this heated rivalry.

There is plenty of criticism to be lodged from the results on the field, or lack thereof.

Freezus' offense can't ever get going in the 2nd half of games.
It's a gotdam miracle if Wilson's d ever shows the :lanekiffin: up for games.
Mullen can't be bothered to get his team motivated for most big games, a d Freeze has his head up his ass during big games ( *cough* aTm).

See that? Criticism was lodged without once bringing in red herrings.

Come on ppl, we share the same state. Bringing up the past and wishful myths only makes this state look bad and backwards. If we are ever going to get out if being 50th in everything, it starts with we Mississippians and OUR attitudes.

I agree here. The klan references were never really funny but they've gotten out of hand recently.  It's really not okay.  And who or what you chose to believe in spiritually has no merit with regard to this game either.  It's played out ya'll talk shit without going for the throat or stfu.


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View PostStallingsBaldSpot, on 13 November 2012 - 11:33 AM, said:

I think the egg bowl will be a hell of a game this year.

Dang, you saying that almost killed me!!!!!!!!

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