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Rate the Last Movie You Saw

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American Sniper - 6.5/10

This movie is pretty much saved by Bradley Cooper. The all over the place, inconsistent story telling with subpar acting from everyone not named Bradley Cooper almost made me hate this movie, but his performance gave it several points. Clint Eastwood is one of the best at what he does, but he absolutely flopped here. An incredible story altogether that just wasn't told very well. Cooper did Kyle as much justice as anyone could have, though.

Fury - 8/10

The action is extremely entertaining, the character building is solid, and the acting all around(I was especially surprised by Shia LaBeouf's  performance) was great. The ending however feels extremely abrupt(although maybe that best captures war), and I'm not a fan of movies who don't commit all the way..I won't spoil it, but I feel the set up was completely ruined by the very ending. All in all, still a great movie.

Taken 3 - 1/10

The Posted Image did I even watch this for? The original Taken is an action movie masterpiece, the 2nd one is much worse than the first but it's still watchable for the action...this one? Just..no. I've read rumors that a 4th one may be coming...please god no. The only thing that stops this from getting a 0 is I kind of liked Forest Whitaker's performance, but sadly the movie paid him very little attention at all and did nothing to develop his character. You're better than garbage like this, Neeson.

Gator Bowl Champs

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UT - 45 Iowa - 28

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