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SEC Gambling Lines - Week 14

Forty Six wins, Forty Five losses and One tie. That is my record going into the last week. This has been a VERY BAD year for your humble prognosticator... Down $350 with the vig. First year I have posted a losing record in, well, ever. But all is not lost, we have championship week to set thing right! This week, we will be picking ALMOST all of the games!

The Bowl picture is a whole lot clearer and will become clearer still after Saturday. The results of this weekend's game will mean  a lot to individual schools and conferences insofar as payouts and prestige are concerned. But we won't worry our pretty little heads about that. All we are concerned about is who will cover the point spread and what the smart bets are...

On to the games:

BCS Championship Game (or we could call it the SEC Championship Game - whatever...)

Alabama - 7

A She She "Championship" Game

Florida State - 14
Georgia Tech

B1G Championship Game

Nebraska - 3

Pac 12 Championship Game

Stanford - 9

MAC Championship Game

Northern Illinois - 6.5
Kent State

Conference USA Championship Game

Central Florida
Tulsa - 2

De Facto Big East Championship Game

Rutgers - 3

Other Games

Oklahoma - 6.5
Texas Christian

Kansas State - 11.5


Cincinnati - 5

Oklahoma State - 4.5

Boise State - 9.5

De Facto Sunbelt Conference Championship

Middle Tennessee St.
Arkansas State - 10

Just to change things up, we'll go backwards this week.

Sunbelt Champions? Really? Are we getting a preview of Aubie's coach for next year? Winner goes to the new Orleans Bowl! Look for Gus Malzahn and the Red Wolves to win this game, but take the Blue Raiders and 10.

The Broncos have been a media darling the last half decade. BCS busters, Cinderella, in the discussion for a natty, blah, blah, blah... And Nevada has been their Waterloo. Boise State gets some revenge, but give me the Wolf Pack plus 9.5 and MAYBE an upset.

What a year in the Big 12. The 'Pokes have been decent, but nowhere near as good as last year. And we can all thank the Bears for helping our conference get into the BCS Championship Game. Nice job by Baylor to get bowl eligible, but Cowboys crash the party this weekend.

Next up we have the "PLEASE LET ME INTO THE ACC" Bowl! I would have put money on U Conn getting the invite, but now that the president's have let a non top 100 school in (plus the BC objection to the Huskies), I think that Cincy is the next target if someone else defects or the Big 12 doesn't get them 1st. Bearcats win this one big.

There will be no national championship for the Wildcats, but a BCS bowl vs Oregon awaits if they can get by the Longhorns. Speaking of Texas, do they really suck that bad? They do, K State puts an exclamation point on a damn good season.

The Sooners look to be the big deserving team that will be relegated to a bowl that is normally reserved for mortals. Tough break for them if that happens; and a tough break for the viewers, TV execs & Bowls that pay out big money. Oklahoma makes their case for a better bowl, against the Horny Frogs but will it be enough??

Lots of great games this weekend, and as an added bonus, we get to see who did better with conference expansion - the ACC or B1G! ACC gets another black eye as the Scarlet Knights punch their ticket to either Miami or New Orleans.

Central Florida vs Tulsa - winner gets Ark State (probably) in Memphis!! Rematches TEND to favor whoever lost, and the Knights almost beat the Golden Hurricane on the road, expect them to win this week.

This year the MAC Championship is VERY IMPORTANT. If the Golden Flashes can beat the Huskies, we will see the WORST BCS Bolw lineup ever.  NIU SAVES THE DAY as they deflate the hopes of red headed step-children everywhere...

In the Pac 12, the big question is did Jim Mora sandbag last week's game so that he could avoid Donald Duck? Answer, maybe, but it won't matter as the Cardinal prepares to smell the Roses.

Time to talk about the 2nd worst "Championship" game. I guess if teams would quit cheating, we could get some better football... It's been a nice season for Wisconsin, but the Cornhuskers will be playing the Cardinal in Pasadena.

And now the WORST "Championship" game. The Seminoles are pretty good and deflated after a tough loss to Florida. The Yellow Jackets had their heads handed to them in Athens. Could this game be the precursor to the worst BCS bowl game in history? I don't think so. 'Noles win, but give me one of the top offenses in NCAA football and the points as GA Tech covers.

The King of Football steps into the SEC Championship game with a chance to TIE the all time NCAA wins record in a 4 year span. The upstart underdog believes that a win is possible. These teams are very similar and match up well. I really think the game could go either way. Take the Dawgs and the points - we may even see an upset...

Recapping this week's investment advice:

Georgia + 7
Georgia Tech + 14
Nebraska - 3
Stanford - 9
Northern Illinois - 6.5
Central Florida + 2
Rutgers - 3

Oklahoma - 6.5
Kansas State - 11.5
Cincinnati - 5
Oklahoma State - 4.5

Nevada + 9.5
Middle Tennessee St. + 10


7 - 6