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Rivalry week panel writers needed

Instead of me inviting a bunch of random posters like last week I am going to try a different approach. Anyone who would like to get their opinion listed in the article needs to have there write up sent to me by wensday afternoon by 12:00. Since this is the biggest week of the season I will list alot more people then normal to try to get some different views / opinions. Please keep your comments to about three sentences for each game and don't bother highlighting or changing the font for your picks.

Here is the list of games for this week.

Ole Miss @ MSU

Arky @ LSU

FSU @ Florida

Alabama @ Auburn  <---Duel Game of the week

UGA @ Georgia Tech

Tenn @ Kentucky

Clemson @ USC

Texas A&M @ Mizzou <--- Duel Game of the week

The two games of the week listed will get a little more detailed as to the implications they have on who will attend the SEC Championship. Any questions let me know.