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Rivalry Week Panel PIcks

Rivalry week is here and it couldn't of got here any faster then it did. After this week the regular season is done for most of us and only a few teams have to play for anything that matters. The SEC division titles are still up for grabs between four teams, three of which control their own destiny. Auburn and Bama play for the West, while Missouri goes up against Texas A&M to try and earn their way to the big game. Meanwhile back on the East Coast, South Carolina is hoping Missouri drops the ball and they can back their way into the dance.

Ole Miss @ Miss St.

Adfalcon --- There are no gimme's in this game, with MSU fighting for a bowl this game might just come out to the last snap. I am going to have to go with Ole Miss by less than a touchdown

JoeGator --- Who even cares? Bo Wallace throws like 8 picks because his douchey hair gets in his eyes and Lord Merlin creates his greatest potion ever at halftime. State: 26 / Ole Miss: 20

Zartan ---  The Egg Bowl is a tough game to call. Ole Miss looks better on paper, but MSU is at home and has been competitive against everyone except LSU. Still, I have to go with Ole Miss on talent alone.

TrueGCFan --- The Egg Bowl...it may be one of the worst named rivalry games in the country, but that doesn't mean it isn't a great one.  Can MSU pull off the upset?  Can Ole Miss shake off a poorly called game against Mizzou?  In the end Ole Miss is just too much for a struggling MSU team.  Ole Miss 27  MSU 16.  Mullen does keep his job though.

DawgFan4Life --- With the recruiting class Ole Miss was able to string together last year, I think the display it for this game. Good ole fashioned grudge match between the two teams from Missy.  Neither team has a shot at Atlanta, but a win could seriously help with in state recruiting. Ole Miss by 2 scores.

Penguin --- Pretty classic case of a pretty good defense (MSU) and a pretty good offense (OM) going at it. I would have to pick Ole Miss in this one simply because it sounds like MSU could be playing their 3rd string QB. Dan Mullens seat will start to feel pretty warm if MSU loses I think.

Ole Miss - 21 MSU - 14

Wards --- Ole miss will come back after last weeks loss and take care of the bulldogs. Ole miss takes this one. My prediction

Ole Miss 34 - MSU 21

   Arkansas @ LSU  

Adfalcon --- Arkansas is still desperate for an SEC win, and LSU is coming off of their pounding of the fighting Manziels. This game will be close early, but LSU will pull away in the end.

JoeGator --- Les Miles, in yet another effort to piss off his own fan base, drops back to pass on every single play, causing the game to be much closer than you would expect after Arkansas gets 6 sacks. LSU: 38 / Arkansas: 14

Zartan --- Arkansas seems to be improving, but still has zero chance in Baton Rouge.

LSU should win easily.

TrueGCFan --- LSU is coming off a dominated game against Texas A&M.  Arky is coming off a hard fought lost against MSU.  While it great to see Arky plays haven't quit it doesn't matter.  LSU by a lot.  Arky 17 LSU 54  

DawgFan4Life --- Arky just has not been impressive this year. Hog fans still remember 2011 and 2010 as if it were yesterday, but the struggle to stay positive is a large one. New coach has had his fair share of obstacles this season, proving there is no quick fix in Arkansas. LSU is playing great football right now and has no problem with the hogs at home. Brett B. will need regroup and work on rebuilding this program. LSU wins big.

Penguin --- Bret Bielema and the Razorbacks will be shut out in SEC play in his first year as head coach. I don't expect it to get any easier for them next year. LSU by 28. Arkansas - 7 LSU - 35

Wards --- Arky doesn't stand a chance. They're not where they need to be yet. LSU wins this one by 3 TD's or more.

Florida State @ Florida  

Adfalcon --- This won't be close, Winston might just receive his second rape charge of the year after what he will do to the gators. FSU by 31

JoeGator --- Winston won't be the only Nole charged with rape after this game. Noles: infinity / Gators: 9

Zartan --- Florida has even less chance than Arkansas. Look for famous Jameis to pad his Heisman resume and pound the final nail in Muschamp's coffin. Noles all the way.

TrueGCFan --- Florida did the nation a favor and had a SEC team lose to a bad DII school.  FSU may be going through a rape issue, but in the end FSU could play with their backups and still probably win this game.  It will be one of the worst loses for UF in this rivalry.  FSU 48  UF 10    

DawgFan4Life --- This is the year FSU takes back the state of Florida. Famous Jameis has been the lightning rod to this team and has gotten FSU back to the top.  Combined with a stable of running backs, 3 key receivers, and great defense; Florida shouldn't put up much of a fight. Florida has been bitten by the injury bug more than any SEC team. As seen in person last week, FSU has no problem throwing up 80 on a team with backups. If FSU keeps this one under 65, UF should consider that a gift. FSU by a ton.

Penguin --- This game will be incredibly ugly vis a vis last years Iron Bowl. A rivalry game where Florida has given up. The players proved last week that they have given up on their coach. FSU will win by 60+ I haven't seen them take the foot off the gas for anyone this season.

FSU -67 UF - 3

Wards --- FSU beats Florida by however many points they want. Lmao Florida.

  Alabama @ Auburn  

Adfalcon --- The game everyone is hyped up for, the top 5 iron bowl. Auburn will come into this game with passion, being at home and will jump out to an early lead much like Texas A&M did earlier in the season. Alabama will fight back late in the second but Auburn will have a small lead at half. Bama will come out firing on all cylinders and I will take Alabama to win this game by 4 points.

JoeGator --- I still don't buy this Auburn garbage. How the hell are they 10-1 with a CB at QB and a team that went 3-9 last year. Bama slaughters their asses. Alabama: 41 / Auburn: 23

Zartan --- Alabama is a terrible matchup for Auburn. The Tigers are a great story, but they are not the right kind of team to exploit the few weaknesses Alabama has. The Tide will keep rolling.

TrueGCFan --- The Iron Bowl is relevant again.  That is great news for the SEC and college football.  Auburn reminds me a UF last year.  They are having a magical season not many expected.  Bama is "Bamaing".  While Bama didn't start the season looking like Bama they have picked it up and will be too much in this game.  Bama 33  Auburn 20

DawgFan4Life --- Two words. Tide Rolls. Do I like it? Course not. Is it reality? You know it is. The Tide are atop the charts, unbeaten, and are firing on all cylinders.  Auburn has been the miracle team of the season, with key wins against Texas A&M and Georgia, the Tigers have surely bounced back from their disastrous showing last year.  Auburn has a chance, but Bama is that monster at the end of video games that's just so damn hard to kill. Tide roll by two scores at least in this. Bama by 17+ points

Penguin --- The Big One. The biggest, most important, Iron Bowl in history. With Baylor getting exposed last week this game is now about more than "just" the SEC crown, it's about a national title. Honestly you can throw stats out the window for this one Alabama should be favored. They should be about 10 point favorites, but this is in Jordan Hare, this Auburn team has momentum; and after last week it would appear they have destiny on their side. Auburn's unstoppable run game vs a balanced and disciplined Alabama team. Key players will be CJ Mosely and AJ McCarron for Alabama. For Auburn it all comes down to Nick Marshal and Robenson Therezie. Auburn in the upset. This game will probably come down to the last play. Alabama - 31 Auburn - 37

Wards --- Cannot wait to be in Jordan Hare Saturday afternoon. This is gonna be one hell of a game. Tide rolls in this one. Bama 42 auburn 31

Georgia @ Georgia Tech

Adfalcon --- Georgia is coming into this game with a bad defense and Aaron Murray is injured, I am gonna pick the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets to pull off the upset by 10 points with their triple option offense tearing apart the georgia defense.

JoeGator --- In vintage Georgia fashion, their awful defense is unable to stop the triple option and they drop one they shouldn't. But their backup QB puts on a good show, once again giving them irrational hope for next year. Dawgs (you mispelleds dawg Joe): 27  /  Nerds: 31

Zartan --- Georgia Tech is a nice little team, but every time they face decent opposition, they lose. Can't bet against the Dawgs, even without Aaron Murray. UGA in a close one.

TrueGCFan --- Georgia Tech is awful.  While UGA is looking more and more like the walking wounded they are a much better team.  They will continue to make this "rivalry" one sided.  UGA 42  Ga Tech 22

DawgFan4Life --- Gurley said it best, UGA is still playing for a state championship. With our leader in #11 hurt with an ACL, Hutson Mason will get his first college start. He showed some great things against UK made easier by a healthy Todd Gurley. UGA runith over the Nerds by 3 scores.

Penguin --- UGA should win this game comfortably. Even missing their record breaking QB I think they completely outclass the Yellowjackets. UGA - 35 GT - 14

Wards --- Georgia rebounds against the yellow jackets this week. Haven't kept up with Georgia Tech this season but I see Murray having stood day. Georgia 38 Georgia tech 17

Tennessee @ Kentucky

Adfalcon --- Neither team has much to play for, and both teams have dismal offenses. Gonna have to take Tennessee in the win.

JoeGator --- With the lowest recorded TV viewing audience ever, Tennessee bests UK, leaving Vols fans clamoring for Butch Jones to receive the SEC COTY award.

Zartan --- Tennessee and Kentucky are both unbelievably bad. If you watch this game, you will be re-examining your life by the third quarter. I'm picking the Vols on the road.

TrueGCFan --- Ga Tech is awful, but UK is Obamacare rollout bad (Hotz approves).  At this point I'm pretty sure even the UK football players are looking forward to basketball.  A below average UT team puts this game away in the 3rd Q. UT 24  UK 10

DawgFan4Life --- This one will be a battle. UT has the edge having beat USC and nearly beating UGA. They know what it’s like to come so close and win or lose. Think they come out to prove they are NOT at the bottom of the SEC. Kentucky is still a work in progress. It will take some time for Stoops to get UK  on its feet, but it WILL come; UK faithful stay patient, Stoops will get that signature win, just not this year. UT wins by 2+ TDs

Penguin ---  Does anyone care? Honestly? I don't. UT - 14 UK - 13

Wards --- I just don't see Anyone losing to Kentucky so Tennessee wins this one. Tenn 20 - Kentucky 14

SecCats --- The home team with more to play for?  Not saying we're a lock but the "want to" will be obvious from the Cats and they'll have a real good shot at this one.

  Clemson @ South Carolina  

Adfalcon --- Two top 10 teams will face off in Columbia to decide who owns the state of South Carolina. South Carolina will expose the Clemson defense and win by 14 in a high scoring affair

JoeGator --- Spurrier rips Dabo a new a-hole because he wants to win by more than F$U did. Tajh Boyd is once again, exposed as above average and not elite. Same goes for their defense which has had trouble against vaunted offenses such as Maryland and Georgia Tech.

South Carolina: 42

Clemson: 17

Zartan --- I don't think Clemson is that good, but I think they are due a victory in this rivalry. Boyd has this team rolling and they have scored 50 points three games in a row.Clemson will win.

TrueGCFan --- This the first time in the history of this 100+ year rivalry that both Clemson and USC are ranked in the top 10.  Carolina has won four straight over Clemson.  Clemson has one of the best offenses in the nation, but has struggled against some below average teams this year.  USC needs to dominate the lines of scrimmage like they have the past four years.  I think Clowney's promise of never losing to Clemson is upheld.  Clemson 24  South Carolina 34

DawgFan4Life --- Knowing how much USC hates Clemson, this one will be a dawg fight. USC is loaded with talent on both sides and for the most part they are healthy.  Clemson had their bubble popped by FSU who destroyed them. Boyd has been pretty good this season, but I think USC steps up and claims the state of South Carolina as its own. South Carolina by under 10 points

Penguin --- This is an important game. Gamecocks have been pretty confident lately about winning this one, and eventually somehow locking down the east title. I don't think they can do it. I think this game is close but Clemson is the better team late in the season. Clemson - 35 USC - 24

Wards --- I hope the Cocks show the world how overrated Clemson is. I think the docks continue the streak. Cocks 28 Clemson 21

Texas A&M @ Missouri

Adfalcon  --- A win in this matchup for Mizzou will carry them to Atlanta with an 11-1 record, but Johnny Football is ready to end their hopes and dreams and carry A&M to a better bowl. This will be a high scoring affair, A&M will hold a lead throughout the first three quarters but lose the lead early in the fourth. JFF will take them to a game winning score as Andrew Baggett misses a 45 yard game tying field goal. Texas A&M by a field goal.

JoeGator  --- Aggies have no defense. Tigers do.  A&M: 36  / Missouri: 49

Zartan  --- Mizzou is a missed 24 yard field goal away from perfection. Johnny Manziel and TAMU look like a PAC-12 team. The Tigers won't throw away their chance to play in Atlanta. Missouri wins.

TrueGCFan --- The battle of newbies.  Can Mizzou do what LSU did last week in shutting down footballs most exciting player?  Can Texas A&M figure out it is legal to play defense?  I think the answer is no for both.  Having said that Mizzou's offense is really good and their defense is good.  My heart wants to pick Texas A&M, but Mizzou earns their way into the SEC Championship game.  Texas A&M 30  Missouri 35

DawgFan4Life --- Welp, Mizzou can see ATL; but can they get there? In their way stands Johnny Mother Fu**ing Football.  Mizzou has made 2013 a great season beating both UGA and UF on their way to first in the East. Sitting behind them licking their chops, a USC team screaming “gig em.”  Mizzou has a defender named Michael Sam who has proven to be a difference maker on defense. Mix that with 3 very talented receivers, good running game and experienced play caller, that’s a recipe for success. However, JFF says screw your recipe, I’m gonna get mine.   This will be a high scoring game. TAM’s defense is terrible, so Mizzou will basically just need to stay one step ahead of JFF.  In the end Mizzou punches their ticket to Atlanta and proves they belong in the SEC.

Missouri by less than 10 points.

Penguin --- Johnny Football. The miracle worker at Texas A&M. Lets see if he can lead his team to a Capitol One bowl. This game won't be close, people have come up with the formula to beat Johnny; have your defensive ends contain the edges and force JF to escape down the middle then punish him with your linebackers. The Aggies defense couldn't be worse if it was completely made up of Frenchmen. Mizzou is the real deal this year, they proved it against a good Ole Miss team.Missouri - 45 Yelling Frenchies - 30

Wards --- After how bad Texas a&m looked last week I wanna say they come back and have a good week. Mizzou is good and hope they continue their winning ways. Missouri 42-tex a&m 38


There are your picks for the week folks. Sorry to any of you guys I left off who I sent invitation to. I wanted to get this posted this morning before I left for the day. I'll throw mine out there. Ole Miss / LSU / FSU / BAMA / UGA / Tenn. / Clemson / Texas A&M

Thoughts and prayers to Wards dad who is in the hospital!