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11 - 23 - 2013 Panel Picks

Ok, so I took over this from Hobby since he went on a permanent vacation.

Mississippi State @ Arkansas

GoldenRebel ---  Well you know State has never won in Arkansas.  I thought this would be the year but if Damien Williams is starting at QB it could be a tough one for the bulldogs.  You beat Arkansas in the airm, which doesnt set up well for MSU.  But I think in the end the DAWGS are able to pull it off.

Dawgy_Style --- Mississippi State beats Arkansas with the score 17-9. Both teams call for their head coaches to be fired.

Sir Sir Wade, The Illest, Count Badass von Gofckyourself --- Arkansas keeps this game interesting until halftime and then Mississippi State puts it away in the second half.

Hothotz --- As GoldenRebel said before, MSU has never won in Arkansas. That all changes as MSU curb stomps Arkansas and Dan Mullen buys himself another year.

JacobP --- State is still fighting for bowl eligibility and Arkansas is fighting for their first conference win of the season. With the questions at QB for State, look for their offense to struggle. Arkansas wins a close game behind big days from Alex Collins and Hunter Henry. Arkansas 27-17

Texas A&M @ Louisiana State

GoldenRebel --- This should be a fun, high scoring affair.  Texas A&M's defense is ridiculously bad add that to the fact it's in Death Valley and LSU pulls out a 10 point victory on the shoulder of Mett.

Dawgy_Style --- LSU will beat Texas A&M after Womanziel get hurt and takes the 2nd half off, final score 42-34.

Executive Sir Wade, The Illest, Count Badass von Gofckyourself --- LSU struggles in a shootout with Texas A&M but somehow manages to pull off just enough stops on defense to give a slight lead late in the game, and they hold onto it for a win over the Aggies.

Hothotz --- This game was a difficult pick for me, I think both teams have the same odds to win. I think LSU has the better defense, but the Aggies have a better QB / offense. I am going to go with home field advantage on this one and say LSU will win in a electric shootout.

JacobP --- Two great offenses, one SEC caliber defense. Plenty of points should be scored, but LSU stops Manziel & Company just enough to win. LSU 41-38

Kentucky @ Georgia

GoldenRebel -- Seriously?  UGA and it wont be close

Dawgy_Style --- Georgia should beat Kentucky by 30, but will win with the score: 35-31

Doctor Sir Wade, The Illest, Count Badass von Gofckyourself -- Despite Georgia's disappointing season, they will not lose to Kentucky tomorrow. No further analysis required.

Hothotz --- Kentucky always plays Georgia tough, but considering half of Kentucky's team has been busted for selling the bluegrass I really don't see this being much of a game. Although, nothing would surprise me with the coaches we have. Georgia wins, but Mark Richt will find a way to piss me off by the end of it.

JacobP --- No hangover from last week for Georgia. Kentucky just doesn't have the horses, UGA scores early and often. Georgia 41-13

‚ÄčVanderbilt @ Tennessee

GoldenRebel --- Tennessee cant stop the run.  Vandy has a decent ground game and a solid defense.  It's a rivalry game so anything can happen.  But I expect Vandy to win.  However it wont be easy to do in Neyland.  Should be a close one.  Anchor THE :lanekiffin: Down

Dawgy_Style --- Tennessee still sucks. Vandy wins 27-14, Clay Travis streaks across the field and tries to touch James Franklin.

Farmer Sir Wade, The Illest, Count Badass von Gofckyourself --- Neither team is particularly good, but Tennessee has been playing surprisingly tough at home, so Tennessee wins, just because.

Hothotz --- This game could be shown on a closed circuit TV channel just broadcast in Tennessee and no one outside the state would give a damn. Tennessee is not a very hot team but I still think they can handle Vandy at home....Can't they??? :lanekiffin: it, Vanderbilt in a slight upset at Neyland.

Jacobp --- UT comes in as a 2.5 favorite at home, but they give up points in buckets. Jordan Matthews becomes the SEC's all time leading receiver in a Vanderbilt win. Vandy 27-21

Missouri @ Ole Miss

GoldenRebel --- Mizzou is a solid and opportunistic team.  This one will come down to turnovers.  If the Tigers get to Bo and can force him into a mistake or two it will be another win for Missouri.  At the same time Missouri has a bad pass defense and Bo Wallace has been on fire lately, throwing for 350+ yards each week it seems.  How will the Rebel Oline hold up?  Idk.  What I do know is, WAOM.  Missouri win in the final minutes

Dawgy_Style --- Ole Miss beats Missouri 34-28. Dunno how, dunno why, but it happens

Chimney Sweep Sir Wade, The Illest, Count Badass von Gofckyourself --- Missouri starts off slower than normal, but comes back and wins the game decisively in the second half.

hothotz --- Not a good time for Ole miss as the zoo comes into town and crushed the Rebels. This one will not even be close as Missouri not only covers the spread but wins a impressive victory to bring us closer to a even bigger matchup next week between them and Texas A&M

Jacobp --- Missouri comes in at dead last in the SEC in pass defense, and Ole Miss' offense has been clicking lately. This is the hardest pick of the week. Missouri does lead the league in sacks and INT's. Bo Wallace makes one mistake too many and Missouri wins 41-38

non SEC game of the week

Baylor @ Oklahoma State

GoldenRebel --- Baylor is a great team.  They have a great coach....and a crazy good offense.  But lets be real.  Is this team really going undefeated?  I just feel they will crap the bed at some point.  And at OSU would be the perfect opportunity.  Cowboys win in a shocker

Dawgy_Style --- Ok State upsets Baylor. Too much pressure on Baylor, Ok State is playing strong right now. Gundy is a man

British Spy Sir Wade, The Illest, Count Badass von Gofckyourself --- Baylor wins by a smaller margin than their average.

hothotz --- Baylor is going to this years BCS buster, Baylor wins a impressive win over the Cowboys and leaps over Ohio State in the polls. They will hold out waiting for either FSU or Bama to make a mistake, If that happens look for Baylor to be the last ever BCS champion.

Jacobp --- Lots of offense, not much defense. Can't pick against Baylor though, as they pull away in the 2nd half and win 45-31

Thanks to all our panelists this week for all their input.